Samsung Gear Fit smart watch in testing


A new toy to test is the Samsung Gear Fit smart watch.   This should work well with my Samsung S5 smart Android phone.  Some of the techie reviews of this watch say that it is just terrible.

  • Not much software due to the strange OS the watch uses. 
  • Doesn’t do fitness tracker or smart watch function good
  • Charger is awkward
  • Difficult to read
  • Inaccurate pedometer and heart monitor

Now go and read some of the Customer reviews and you get a split decision. 


I’ve been using my Samsung S5 to track my steps and trying to reach the 10,000 steps the silly phone thinks I can walk in a day.  I’m going to use the Gear Fit to do the same thing.  I’m not a fitness nut but it is nice to know how many steps I walk in a day even if the count is “Good Enough” and not “Perfect”.  Same thing goes for the heart monitor if it’s close  then it’s good.  I’m not working in a hospital.

The primary reason for reviewing it is that I’m a geek.  I can’t help myself but I have to know the features, functions and form for these new smart watches.  I’ll probably use the notifications to let me know of messages without taking my phone out.  In a business environment taking you phone out every minute  makes you look device dependent.

Ill do another post after a couple of weeks and let you know if this is another watch for the watch drawer.