Dr. Dre Brings Tupac Shakur back to life (Coachella) NSFW

The Dead Walk Again–Zombies or Tupac?

I’m not a hip hop fan.   Some of it has depth and most of it is just rage that rhymes.   This post isn’t about hip hop or all the stars at the Coachella music festival .   It’s about the idea that someone mainstream (Not Japanese) introduced a (almost) hologram into a major production.  I happen to believe that holograms are going to be a big entertainment value added component.

Dr. Dre paid $10 million dollars to have the hologram of Tupac Shakur do a number at the festival.  No so tough except Tupac is desceased.   Many threads I read about this think it was disrespectful others think it makes Tupac immortal.   My 2 cents is  this is just the beginning of new venue.  My prediction is that in the future we will have entire concerts that are holo generated.  Can’t wait to see Janice, Jimmy and Jim together in concert again.