FREE!!! Photo Editing Windows & Mac

Google is giving it away for free!!  Google just announced that it’s making its Nik Collection of desktop photo editing software 100% free.  The Nik Collection has 7 desktop plug-ins that provide a wide range of photo editing features, including mimicking the look of old cameras and films, retouching and correcting photos, darkroom retouching, adjusting color and tonality, HDR, image sharpening, and noise reduction. Get some of this.

Cool 2 views of a Cycle ride, Front and Back

Two Views of a Motorcycle Ride

Part of my experimentation with photography is a new camera from Oregon called the ATC Chameleon.  It is a small camera with 2 camera’s mounted in it. One swivels up and down the other swivels right and left.  It uses a Micro SD card up to 32GB and takes video in HD 720p.  You can set the video to be side by side or top by bottom.  It come with a set of mounts including handlebar, standard threaded mount and my favorite a helmet mount.


Very simpler to operate even with motorcycle gloves on.  Simple large switch on top moves forward and you hear two beeps, even over the motorcycle engine purring.  Winking smile  Push the big button back and beep confirms the camera has  written the video to the SD car and you can start another.   I have a few other small cameras that I’ve tested on cycle rides and this is one of the most interesting ones.  I’m going to design a gooseneck mount to do a video of the road on one side and me in my helmet on the other side.  


This video is long at 30 minutes but there are a few spots where the curves look like a merry go round.