Makers Faire Grand Rapids 2014 Photo Album

Went to the First (I  hope) annual mini Makers Faire at the Grand Rapids Science Museum.  Have to admit this is an excellent venue to hold a Makers Faire.  Quite a crowd there and the museum had  a little problem handling all the folks.  I think they were caught off guard by how many geeks there are out there.   Made me smile.

Met some very interesting folks there and here is my photo album of the visit.   Click on the photo to zoom into it.  There are 2 pages of photos.  Enjoy!

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Two stage Water Rocket

Holy crap this is impressive. George Katz of Air Command Water Rockets has launched a 2 stage cluster water rocket 800 feet into the air.   Just love how the booster stage floats back to earth on a double parachute.

I just did a single stage version recently.  Will need to up my game here.

[Read more about the launch @ Air Command Water Rockets]