Building Mobile Apps With Capacitor And Vue.js


Recently, the Ionic team announced an open-source spiritual successor to Apache Cordova and Adobe PhoneGap, called Capacitor. Capacitor allows you to build an application with modern web technologies and run it everywhere, from web browsers to native mobile devices (Android and iOS) and even desktop platforms via Electron — the popular GitHub platform for building cross-platform desktop apps with Node.js and front-end web technologies.

Ionic — the most popular hybrid mobile framework — currently runs on top of Cordova, but in future versions, Capacitor will be the default option for Ionic apps. Capacitor also provides a compatibility layer that permits the use of existing Cordova plugins in Capacitor projects

I think it’s Ionic that Cordova is being replaced with Capacitor.  I’m here all week folks.

At Vue to this combination and now you have an easy and quick way to write mobile app’s that will work on IOS and Android

via Building Mobile Apps With Capacitor And Vue.js – Smashing Magazine