SQLite gets taste of Microsoft middleware a ADO.NET new driver.

logo2018-01-24_11-27-19.png – January XX, 2018 (release scheduled)

Updated to SQLite 3.22.0.

Improve performance of type name lookups by removing superfluous locking and string creation.

Fix some internal memory accounting present only in the debug build.

Make sure inbound native delegates are unhooked before adding a connection to the pool. Fix for [0e48e80333].

Add preliminary support for the .NET Framework 4.7.1.

It’s about time that one of the best desktop SQL engines gets some .NET love.  I still use this SQLite database for most of my embedded projects as nothing relational comes close.  Recently Microsoft touted LocalDB as a new desktop database engine.

Microsoft’s LocalDB is a rather odd duck from the descriptions provided for it.  As a database engine for desktop applications it can take up to 160 megabytes of storage, which is a far cry from SQLite’s approximate 256k requirements or even Firebird’s embedded model, which requires around 2.5 megabytes of storage.  As a result, the description as an excellent choice for desktop application development seems a bit of stretch.

Sometimes the old standard is still a good choice.

via: SQLite News Wiki