So many Linux’s for Windows, so little time. Microsoft Linux subsystem?

Get started with the Windows Subsystem for Linux

How many flavors of Unix can co-exist on a Windows system?  I have been using the CYGWin version of Linux on my Windows system, for quite a few years, to get my daily Linux fix.  When I installed GIT for version control I got another Linux in the form of the GIT BASH command.  I use MobaXterm to do 95% of my network connections and management and it has a Terminal environment which is yet another Linux command line.  Now comes the “Reborn Microsoft” with the Linux subsystem for Linux (WSL) where you can pick from a couple of the standard Linux distro’s, including Ubuntu to run in your Windows 10 system.

This Get started with the Windows Subsystem for Linux article from InfoWorld is a good introduction to the process.  Can any of these Linux on Windows environment be a replacement for an actual Linux platform? No, not really but they can help keep a mixed environment shop (Windows, Mac, Linux) be more productive, with no additional hardware or virtualization.

I’ll be taking WSL for a test drive and will publish a video on my YouTube channel in the near future.  GeekMustHave YouTube